Time for an update

mumalabWe moved in completely now, and are well on track to repair and improve the vending machine (partly seen on the left).

We are having regular meetups every thursday at 1900. And are in the final stages to have all the paperwork done. Everything is going well.  =)


A new name, and a new space

2014-02-01 It’s been a while since the last post, and a lot has changed since then. Yesterday, on February 1st 2014, we held our inaugural meeting at Werk1, and founded the Munich Maker Lab, with 12 founding members. Now, we just have to get registered, get our tax status, open a bank account, … So still lots of organizational stuff to do. We also started moving into our first space, a ~ 25m² room within Werk1. It’s still a little empty in there, with only 2 desks, 4 chairs and a bench, but hopefully, that’ll change too. We are planning on keeping our weekly meetings on Thursdays, and hope to make them a little more regular than we did in the last months. So make sure to check back here or on the Meetup page.

Our first meetup


Last week thursday, we had our first meeting at the Wayra Academy in downtown Munich. All together, we were 15 people from all different kinds of backgrounds, and collected a bunch of ideas on what we want to do at the new space. There were a few somewhat lengthy discussions, and it was all a bit chaotic, but I would still call it a successful start to an hopefully awesome journey.

We decided to try to meet once a week, most of the time in a smaller setting. You can find more information on those meetings over at Meetup.com.

A new community space for Munich

Imagine a place that feels like your living room, your workshop, your kitchen, a bar, and maybe a concert hall. Imagine a community that likes to share, to teach and learn, to collaborate and build new things. Imagine a platform for creativity, fun, and awesomeness. All at once.

We want to build such a place, and we want to do so in Munich, Germany. And we would like you to help us with that. How? Just come back here, we will let you know.